Updated Documentation

April 16, 2019. The documentation for LibPFASST has been updated and expanded including more detailed Tutorials and additional content in the User's Guide.

PFASST talks at SIAM CSE Feb. 25-Mar. 1, 2019

At the SIAM CSE meeting in Spokane, WA, several of the current and past PFASST researchers gave presentations.


(clockwise) Tomasso Buvoli, Hannah Rittich, Robert Speck, Matthias Bolten, Daniel Ruprecht, Michael Minion, Sebastian Goetschel

LibPFASST has moved to github

The source code and documentation for LibPFASST has been moved to github. The previous repository on bitbucket will no longer be updated.

Minion to speak at LBNL

Michael Minion will speak at LBNL on Monday Aug. 20 at 11:00 am. on "Parallel-in-time PDE-constrained optimization using PFASST". The location is Bldg. 59, Room 4102.

New Documentation for LibPFASST

We are now using FORD (FORtran Documentation) software to generate source code documentation like Doxygen, but much better. See the results here. The User's Guide is also coming along with the inclusion of some new Tutorials.